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Digital TV signal network interference with 4G LTE

Interference problems with digital TV reception on the Gold Coast have arisen for locations that are close to newer 4G LTE enabled mobile phone signal broadcasting towers. The interference does not affect the TV signal levels but it affects the TV signal quality.

4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the 4th generation of mobile phone bandwith in Australia. It allows enabled mobile phones to receive and download data much faster (up to 10 - 20 times quicker) than the preceding 3G bandwith.

The reason for the TV reception problems on the Gold Coast is interference between 4G bandwiths and the TV channel broadcast bandwidths. caused by possible overlap of the TV and 4G broadcast bands and issues with h
The TV frequency band is dedicated between 529.5 - 816.5 MHz (Channels 28-69) and 4G LTE is using different frequency bands including 700 MHz, 850MHz, 900 MHz up to 1800MHz, 2600 MHz and 3500MHz.

All the newer digital TV antennas available have filters designed to eliminate this interference. You may need a newer model antenna which is designed to receive particular television frequencies in your area and are tuned to receive the signals from the Currumbin, Springbrook and Mt. Tamborine TV towers.

If your antenna is new and did not come with a built-in filter we can fit an external 4G filter to your digital antenna to eliminate any interference problems.
Note that the different TV transmitter sites on the Gold Coast broadcast at different bandwidth with different channel outputs.

If you are experiencing TV reception problems and you are in the vicinity of a mobile phone tower please call Coastline Antenna Installations who will diagnose and fix your issue. We have a wide selection of digital TV antennas with 4G filters.

You may want to visit the Radio Frequency National Site Archive (RFNSA) the to see if you have a new 4G LTE mobile phone tower in your vicinity. Carriers include Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone.

The Oztowers website also has a search facility with comprehensive lists of Gold Coast mobile phone tower locations and has more information than RFNSA regarding whether a tower in your area is 4G LTE enabled.

To see whether your Gold Coast street has a 4G LTE mobile phone tower nearby which may be interfering with your TV reception click on the following link.

Links below go to the Oztowers lists which are updated regularly (links opens in new windows).
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Old analogue TV antenna installed in the 1980's showing a diplexor

Photo above shows old analogue TV antenna before a digital upgrade which required replacing and rewiring the RG6 coaxial cabling to the TV outlet.

The typical Gold Coast TV antenna system installed during the 1980s required two antennas (VHF & UHF) which had to be mixed through a diplexer (the rusty box shown in photo above)
This was in order to receive certain channels from the VHF band from Brisbane and certain channels from the (then) new Mt Tamborine transmitter (UHF).

Digital TV antenna installation - FAQs

Q./ Will I need a new TV antenna to be able to receive digital TV?

A./ Many existing TV aerials will be able to receive digital transmissions without any problem, but in some cases equipment may need to be upgraded to receive reliable digital signals.

You will need to find out if your current TV antenna is designed for the same frequency band that the digital TV channels in your area are transmitted on. In some cases an antenna will need to be upgraded because the new digital channels are in a new frequency band, there is 4G LTE interference or because the antenna is older or is now longer in a good working condition.

There is no such thing as a ‘digital TV antenna’, but some antennas have been manufactured specifically to receive both digital and analog channels (particularly those made after 2000). You can have your antenna system assessed by one of our TV antenna technicians to find out whether it needs to be replaced or not.

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